Open Pazaak

This is a small site for my Starwars Pazaak portation.
Its an fictional card game similar to the reallife blackjack, I know there are many other implementations already
but none of them worked on both Windows and Linux (or UNIX in general).
First I wanted to work with a person together making a portation which is already available (I wont name it)
cross-platform compatible - however this guy refused and just said that its writen in Visual Basic but I could use an emulator.

However I decided then that I'll write just one by myself and publish it under the GNU Public Licence version 3.
That was a good half year ago, now I've a beta release which has some issues but works out.
I chose Ruby as object oriented programming language, while its young yet I wanted to realize something in Ruby.
I began first with Python but than shortly afterwards I rewrote it.

Here's a small list of what we've already:
  • An independent Pazaak game, cross-platform written in Ruby 1.8
  • The graphics were taken from the Bioware game: 'Starwars: Knights of the old Republic'
  • Playing against the Computer (Singleplayer)
  • Network/Internet support over a self-made (realted to the old Quake) UDP protocol (see ONet.rb)
  • Own file format for the game board + game cards (see OPak.rb)
  • +/- variable Sidecards (You need an highscore of 1000)
  • Usual plus or minus sidecards you can choose from -6 till +6

What's not included yet:
  • Singleplayer Campaign
  • Different themes (the ability though is implemented)
  • Sound output (will come in future)
  • Ruby 1.8 has problems with exotic charsets (will change hopefully in 1.9)

Please notice that OpenPazaak is very deprecated at this moment!
Current version: 0.4.0 BETA

The Linux package is a bit large but because of the many GNU/Linux distributions its impossible to say
if one has the right wxGTK2 2.8 (with unicode) package installed and sqlite2 etc.
If you think you've all of this and also the dependencies rand and sqlite2 you may just try the sourcecode of course.

At this moment there is no binary Linux version available anymore.
Feel free to write an email for any bugs you can find and capture the traceback (error message).