About this site...

This site is used as my personal playground for testing purposes.
Its all written in XML and rendered with my own Ninth-Art v3 engine,
which either outputs xhtml or old-style html4.x for older or incompatible browsers.
It aint fancy at all, has no flying text, no animated eye-cancer pics and other useless stuff,
in fact its all either completly useful or not useful to you at all.
Usually I perform major updates on a yearly basis for myself and sometimes style updates.
The last major update was completed at the end of 2007.
Languages I support are english and german so far - use the language links
in the navigation to switch.
I also have different styles to select, if you want to make one of them sticky
use the style! switch, which is also located in the navigation.
Be careful, both the style and the language switch drop a cookie.
As we all know the IE might be the worst browser at all, thus it may be unable
to display all of the styles (due lacking or misinterprating CSS).
The best matured style is AquaBlue I did back in 2004 when I also created Ninth-Art engine v2.

A complete list of things a good webmaster shall avoid:
The HTML Hell
Other useful links to the technology I've used here: