The right browser

While I know that the skill of an webdesigner is recognized by the fact that he doesnt use silly excuses like
`best viewed with...`. I must say that Mozilla Firefox is the only proper browser at the moment.
I did my best to build this site as compatible as possible, but there are so many bugs in many other browsers.
So it comes to the truth that you have the best choices to view this (and other sites) correctly,
with the Mozilla browser. This is especially about the MS IE -
I just wished that these people would drop their work, stand up and say:
`You`re completly right we have no clue about what we are doing...`.
There is no possibility to support `all` browsers -
so if you are using an old IE (like 5.5) you should update!
Not just for plenty security reasons, or better -
change the browser into a more secure and able one like Firefox.

No I dont want to make any person change their browser, its just a recommendation
you`ll be more secure and more stable with any browser except MS IE
plus you`ll do many web-designers/programmers a favour - so they dont need to use shitty
workarounds for new technology.
All that MS is doing with their IE is just to block secureness and new technology (as CSS*).
They are the reason why many internet pages are just shit and interpretated as in the 80s.
The internet WWW quality would be much higher when not so much users would use the IE.
There is no reason to use this broken browser - it is a big wide security hole in your
system and catches viruses like a magnet, so just try another browser out - Opera is a good one too.

You can get both one here:
Mozilla Firefox is completly open-source.